It’s About Time Someone Called Out “Blue Bloods”



Christopher Keelty is a writer and artist based outside New York City.
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A few years ago, when I was still living in Philly, I slept most weekends at my parents’ house, visiting friends around the town where I grew up. I’d get home Friday evening and find my mom and dad tuned in to Blue Bloods a new CBS show starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg as members of a multi-generational family of white New York City cops.

While I never watched an episode from beginning to end, it didn’t take long to pick up on the show’s dynamic: The heroes, white male police officers, spent each episode protecting society from criminals, who were almost always minorities. Not only that, but they were played by actors cast according to the most stereotypical ethnicity for their crime. Car thieves were invariably black or Latino; a mugger, drug dealer, or liquor store robber would be black; chop-shop owners might be Asian or Mexican.

There was an episode–forgive me if I don’t remember which season, but I think the second–in which Tom Selleck’s patriarchal character is shot on his front stoop in a drive-by shooting. You don’t see the shooter initially, just a black van and a shotgun barrel emerging from the window, and the bulk of the episode is dedicated to finding the shooter.

“It was either the blacks or the Mexicans,” I told my parents.

“Why would you say that?” My father demanded, incredulous at my assertion. I explained because those are the two races most stereotypically associated with drive-by shootings, and that’s how the show worked.

(I should point out here that my parents are very liberal people, especially when it comes to racial equality, though perhaps not the most sophisticated TV viewers.)

I then went upstairs to my room. Half an hour later I heard my mother call up, “It was the Mexicans!”

Writing at Slate, Laura Hudson does a fine job outlining the real problems with Blue Bloods. It’s not just about bad writing, which is harmless on its own. This kind of repeated narrative reinforces the beliefs of viewers who see America a certain way–specifically, that white people are a force of civilization among a barbaric mix of minorities, and that police are noble and infallible and criticisms directed their way are universally the tactic of an anti-police agenda.

These are the kinds of views reinforced by right-wing pundits and Fox News; the views that lead to pro-police rallies in response to outcry over unjustified murders-by-cop; the views that inspire police to pen essays about how their every command must be followed without question, and perpetuate the absurd myth of the “thin blue line,” the idea that without police our society would collapse into anarchy.

This kind of television is anything but harmless. Shows like Blue Bloods affirm and even inspire a value system that marginalizes and oppresses millions of people, and it’s about time someone called them out on it.

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127 thoughts on “It’s About Time Someone Called Out “Blue Bloods””

    1. OK Eric, you baffled me enough with this comment that I looked around, and it means exactly what I think it means. But now I’m curious: What do YOU think it means?

        1. Look up the stats you ignorant buffoon; don’t just talk out of your ass without informing yourself. The perception that most crime is committed by minorities is completely false. You’d be surprised by the percentage that white people make up
          Educate yourself before you open your mouth and reveal how stupid you really are.

          1. You are right sir ALL peoples are capable of good or bad. Really comes down to where you put the magnifying glass. If go looking for something you will find it.

          2. LMAO. You are so ignorant. Minorities commit the majority all violent crimes. Democrats commit 95% of rapes, murders and child molestation. The Bible thumpers are not the problem. Get a clue, you over educated re tard.

        2. Here’s some relevant statistics from 2019 from the U.S. Department of Justice. White people committed a majority of all offenses in the U.S. in 2019 – about 70%. The number of murders is nearly equal to those committed by Black people; but White people committed more than twice the number of aggravated assaults, thefts, etc. Yes, Black people committed their share of violent crime, but in my experience, crime arises out of poverty, not the color of your skin. Black people make up a disproportionate amount of impoverished people in the U.S.

      1. I can’t believe you’re stupid enough to try & refer to a certain episode where Frank is shot & then saying that your prejudice was right in saying it was Mexicans because your Mom allegedly screamed out “it was the Mexicans” as well before the episode was even over.

        The guilty party in that episode were found to be 2 WHITE brothers trying to get vengeance for their criminal Irish mobster father after the cops initially suspected it was an attempted cartel hit because they were holding a high ranking cartel member over for trial & the cartel in question reacted to such actions by targeting high level officials.

        By posing as some kind of a journalist you should actually know any or all of that if you or your parents had have actually watched the entire episode in question. None of you did any of that which is evident by your lie filled, bigoted rant so why did you lie & make up this BS story?

        Anyone who saw the episode you claim to have watched knows that you’re lying through your goddamned teeth. Most people who criticize Blue Bloods are generally racists who do so just because they hate White people & detest traditional, close knit, nuclear families even more. Such repugnant, judgmental bigots are so far Left they can’t even walk straight let alone lie straight in bed or even pretend to be capable of speaking facts.

        I’m just trying to understand why you intentionally lied about having watched one of the highest rating shows on TV as a prop for your own ignorant prejudice & why you had the blatant disrespect to expect everyone else to be stupid enough to believe your lies just because they spewed forth from your mouth. That’s what I find to be most offensive, that you intentionally lie & then expect everyone else to be stupid enough to buy it. There’s no understanding evil I guess.

        1. I think Blue Bloods is a good show. However, the fact that Commissioner Reagan has an inner circle completely void of minorities is telling in this day and age. He swooped all the way down to a sergeant to get someone to be his special assistant. Yet, there were two episodes that featured high ranking black officers who were killed or retired.

          Yes, there was a black mayor. Although Frank gave him minimal respect, it was clear that Frank didn’t think he was really reporting to him. In one particularly disturbing episode, the black Mayor was discovered to have had a child out of wedlock in his younger days.

          Yet, Frank cavorts with mob lawyers and cuts deals with white officers guilty of indiscretions.

          The message is subtle and obvious. White is good and black is bad.

          1. I thought New York was supposed to be A Meltng Pot. why not use actors of different races? everybody needs a job!

        2. I thought New York was supposed to be A Meltng Pot. why not use actors of different races? everybody needs a job!

          1. This post is mad old, i see but as much as I can see where your coming from, I have to say you must not watch the show on a regular basis. As much as it is about that family falling into that role you mentioned earlier, all white patriarch… mostly…its also as much as showing different angles around the stereotype… some true. Some less. Its a show that often lets you keep your own opinion. Just because they are the “perfect” family who never do anything wrong doesn’t mean that doesn’t get mentioned. Many guests on the show point out their self righteous and even judgmental side. There are a lot of grey area characters on the show like Franks assistant or Jamies wife to show the point your making. Its a show that covers the political issues we face in America currently and while family usually takes a strong stance right, there are a lot of characters outside of the family, in which, are family friends and respected colleagues that don’t share all of their opinions. It also shows their struggles with trying to do everything by the book regardless of feelings and sometimes they surprise you. Its a show where you can legit gather your osn opinion on current events with a wide range of races, sexes, and lifestyles. They in fact cover those topics on the show. Its a good show but ill admit for the heroes, they sometimes can be a little annoying. Sometimes you love em, sometimes its hard to watch and listen their self righteous stubborn opinions but it’s showing you both sides, drastically. Honestly its as close to the real world politics as a show can get.

      2. You post a fake news review about something you did not watch much of? Sounds like an impeachment trial with no crime but lots of hearsay! I watched almost 6 seasons of Blue Bloods and was thrilled with the show and its high moral implications. It shows how often difficult it is to do what is right rather than what politics expects you to do!

        You can’t do what the media does and pick a side because it fits your political and biased agenda when the show gives a pretty good view of crime—-all colors commit it including white and that is clearly displayed.

        Chris, open your eyes outside of your butt the next time you post a fake news article glorifying your biased and nonfactual vomit from your leftist agenda.

  1. I thought I liked Blue Bloods at first. Then I became aware of their agenda. Now I am completely turned off by it!

    1. Yeah, that agenda being good family values, doing the right thing always, and if we do make a mistake, forgive. Life is short. I can see why you would be turned off by that.

      1. Father of Enstein

        Tell ’em Susie. I agree with you. So much on this… Bloviator’s page is so far left it fell in the toilet.

      2. Father of Enstein

        Oh…and it seems Chris suffers from White Fragility Sycophantism (WFS). For example, “While I never watched an episode from beginning to end, it didn’t take long to pick up on the show’s dynamic: The heroes, white male police officers, spent each episode protecting society from criminals, who were almost always minorities.” Sounds like somebody is feeling guilty for still being able to live in his momma’s house and suck her titt. I wonder if she burbs him at night. It was actually, interesting to read his…. bloviations (just love that word).

      3. No. The agenda is that every criminal is black or hispanic and the master saves white society from the barbaric people that should still be slaves. This type of family values I can do without.

        1. This country is done for!
          Just a matter of time before our war of propaganda becomes a real, live “hot” war!
          Layer upon layer of hatred, suspicion, fear, and utter contempt. Nothing in common any more.
          And now, most of the formerly center-right Republicans have joined the ranks of the deeply embittered and outraged neoreactionary, ultra-conservative right, who are trying to terminate the U.S. Constitution and impose a Christian conservative dictatorship.
          What an irony!

    2. As have I; after watching Hawaii Five-0, I either turn the TV off, or I watch something else, or I play a video game.

  2. Tired Of Whiny SJWs

    “It’s About Time Someone Called Out “Blue Bloods””

    It’s also about time someone called out a liberal.

    I realize this post is almost a year old, but I’ve only recently discovered it (testimony to its importance?). Having read it, which is no small feat when you’re suppressing the urge to vomit, I now feel compelled to rip it apart on a point-by-point basis:

    1. “….starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg as members of a multi-generational family of white New York City cops.”

    —Well, no shit. Are they supposed to be members of a multi-generational family of black New York City cops? No, wait, I get it – Selleck and Wahlberg are supposed to be portraying black transgender women, and all the kids are supposed to be adopted or in vitro, right? Perhaps, just perhaps, they’re portraying white cops from a white family because – gasp – they’re white, and such multi-generational same-career families exist?

    2. “While I never watched an episode from beginning to end,….”

    —Then why are you even commenting on it? Oh, let me guess, you’ve got a degree in ‘social basket weaving’ that you feel entitles you to comment on a show you never watch? Did you start your ‘writing’ career reviewing restaurants you never ate at?

    3. “…protecting society from criminals, who were almost always minorities. Not only that, but they were played by actors cast according to the most stereotypical ethnicity for their crime. Car thieves were invariably black or Latino; a mugger, drug dealer, or liquor store robber would be black; chop-shop owners might be Asian or Mexican.”

    —Ever worked in law enforcement at ‘street level’? Of course not. You’re too busy writing “…fiction, essays, comics, and thousands of poorly-considered tweets.” This has, naturally, given you the expertise to comment on the demographics of inner city street crime.

    4. “There was an episode–forgive me if I don’t remember which season, but I think the second–in which Tom Selleck’s patriarchal character is shot on his front stoop in a drive-by shooting. ”

    —Lucky for you, I do remember. S1,E15 — Frank and the Monsignor were smoking cigars in front of a restaurant, when a sedan rolled up and someone in the back seat fired a shotgun. The importance of this will soon be revealed.

    5. “I explained because those are the two races most stereotypically associated with drive-by shootings, and that’s how the show worked.”

    —See my answer for #3.

    6. “I should point out here that my parents are very liberal people, especially when it comes to racial equality, though perhaps not the most sophisticated TV viewers.” “I heard my mother call up, “It was the Mexicans!””

    —Perhaps they’re “…not the most sophisticated TV viewers,” but at least they actually watch the show. However, you may want to brush them up on their ‘racial equality’. While the driver was indeed a hispanic male, the shooter was the Irish son, of an Irish criminal, who was arrested decades before by Frank – an Irish cop (what are the odds). Damn that Blue Bloods and their racial stereotyping, huh?

    7. “It’s not just about bad writing, which is harmless on its own.”

    —Just like this blog post – bad, while harmless at the same time.

    8. “…among a barbaric mix of minorities, and that police are noble and infallible and criticisms directed their way are universally the tactic of an anti-police agenda.

    —Attend your nearest Academy (if they’ll even have you), vest up, gear up, work the streets for at least 10 years, and that just MIGHT give you the right to comment on what cops deal with day-in-day-out. I’m not holding my breath, because I know you won’t. Liberals like yourself are never willing to put their own money where their mouths are, never willing to put their own lives at risk. You’re all content to hurl your little half-witticisms from behind a keyboard, safe in the knowledge that there are men and women (with guns, gasp!) willing to do a job that would make you bleeding hearts soil yourselves.

    9. “…outcry over unjustified murders-by-cop…”

    —In a country of approximately 340,000,000 people, many of whom are connected electronically in some form or fashion, if this was truly an epidemic, we’d be seeing much more of it. I’ll attribute this to the usual sjw mountain-out-of-a-molehill syndrome.

    10. “….the absurd myth of the “thin blue line,” the idea that without police our society would collapse into anarchy.”

    —I’m going to let you slide on this one since I’m willing to wager that even you have watched the news since January, and have seen what happened to sections of Baltimore that police pulled out of.

    11. “Shows like Blue Bloods affirm and even inspire a value system that marginalizes and oppresses millions of people,…”

    —Stories about a multi-racial police department, in arguably the most diverse city in the country (if not the planet), arresting criminals of diverse backgrounds, interspersed with stories dealing with the personal lives of the central characters. Marginalizing? Oppressing? Might I suggest dropping the social justice placards and picking up a dictionary and thesaurus?

    1. It’s a reasonable point that it’s not fair to comment on a show you haven’t watched all the way through, however I must admit that after quite enjoying it for 5 seasons, I feel it’s now becoming ridiculous. I was always aware of a pro-cop agenda, but forgave some of the issues for the reasons above: it IS a white family, so lack of diversity is somewhat understandable (though I was also aware that the entire senior echelon of NYPD is also all-white, apart from the occasional high-ranking black guy who generally doesn’t survive an episode), etc.

      However some kind of balance was generally at least nodded to, with the characters of Erin and her daughter, both social liberals, who took part in the lively debates round the dinner table. That, plus the good acting, kept me in.

      However, now the dinner table scenes are simply ‘everyone pile in on Erin and prove her wrong’: she’s become a ‘straw man’ figure for stupid liberal values that everyone can feel superior to. The police are always right, there’s no corruption ever, not even in letting people off parking tickets (which, apparently, is only ever done for saintly reasons), all minorities, journalists and community leaders are evil (except the aforementioned one-off black cop) and so on. It’s gone from a show promoting a pro-cop outlook (which is fair enough, and someone should be allowed to) to an insanely pro-cop show which has become utterly unrealistic.

    2. Well I both work for local law enforcement and am a minoritty and a woman. The show is biased and insulting. The majority of black people I know are, gasp, hardworking, lawabiding citizens. I am not personally involved with or knw any person black or otherwise who are gangbangers, drugdealers, or unethical. Imperfect yes, unlawgul no. Please let trhe show reflect real life and legitimate research that refutes your stance. Time to down off that self serving, condescending grand stand and get to know the other side of our society’s coin, so to speak.

      1. I would have to disagree. Statistics speak for themselves. I found this website thinking Blue Bloods was biased…..the other way. I live in NYC. The show hardly shows a minority as the guilty party. They are often accused and the whole show comes to it’s senses and realizes it was a white guy all along. They went out of their way to fill an auditorium with minority cop security at a white hate guy’s speech to stick it to him. what show are you people watching ?

      2. Chris, I’m not a Trump voter–but even I think that your views on this show demonstrate YOUR biases far more than they constitute a fair appraisal of its content or intent.

        As for your “Trump voters, man…”: Very mature and intellectual response.

    3. As a former Officer and the parent of two currently serving officers, please accept my appreciation for your thoughtful and intelligent post. You hit the nail on the head. When confronted with such dribble as written by the author, I always offer a letter of recommendation and my assistance in getting them a slot at the academy. Over my 66 years years I have never had one accept my challenge. Go figure.

    4. Jennifer Coute

      I not only thoroughly enjoyed your assessment of the author’s review of “Blue Bloods” and your review of it as well, but your writing style is superb! I realize this is almost three years later, so hopefully you still have the same email connected to this account. Although, if my suspicions are correct, you doubtfully need my encouragement to pursue a career in writing as by now you’re hopefully highly VERY successful! I’m off to Google your name in search of book/articles written by you…best of luck!

    5. Jennifer Coute

      OH MAN! Now I see you didn’t leave a name. Well, I did, so if you’ve become as wildly successful as I’ve predicted, I’m pretty easy to find. Please shoot me an email so I can buy your books! Thanks!

      1. I would say i take offense to that white and male comment as i am white an male bit im actually not offended. The suburban white male generally has those views. In the world of white males im a minority as i have views and beliefs generally stereotyped toward black people. I grew up in the inner city areas in Buffalo and Niagara Falls NY and have seen both good and bad from the police. Ive seen people wrongfully accused of crimes just because they are not white. Ive also seen police actually do their job and not jump to the simplest (in their mind) conclusion that the criminal is black, asian, mexican etc. I grew up neutral when it comes to the police which is also something not seen often when growing up in bad areas and being a member of pyru blood gang since 15. Even Ive been wrongfully accused of crimes and like i said im a white male. Ive also been charged with crimes i didn’t commit though i knew who did and didnt tell them instead opting to take the charges myself and fight them in court. Only once have i actually been found guilty and that was only after the charges were reduced and some were dropped due to lack of evidence. I was found guilty of one of 5 of the crimes i was charged with and that was disorderly conduct ( only had that one because of how i talked to the cop when he cuffed me) and the other 4 (petty larceny, assault, possession of an illegal drug which was marijuana and was before they decriminalized it in NY state and another count of petty larceny) were dropped. So not all cops are bad and not all white males are pro police trrump supporting liberal asshats

      1. I always find it interesting the typical views from a political standpoint. Liberals of course only see racial profiling on this show, I see a good show dealing with what police have to deal with everyday (this happens to be in NY). I’m guessing the show would like to remind people about the good – police do for our communities. And Chris, I would like to point out, that you should watch the entire seasons/episodes and maybe not judge from your pre-conceived notions about this show without actually ever watching it. I also see a feel good show about the values of family and people doing the right thing, and making good choices. Not glorifying people who make bad choices like we have been seeing lately. And the episode you are referring to, if you actually watched it (and not sure why your parents didn’t correct themselves if they finished watching the show), because they would have realized that the guy who actually did gun down Tom Selleck’s character was actually a white guy who had an axe to grind with him. Now the driver of the van was Hispanic, but was only the driver, they didn’t dwell on his character, and in fact he was murdered by the white guy for trying to do the right thing. I’m almost finished with Season 2 on Netflix and most of the bad guys so far have been white people including the corrupt police. Not to say there hasn’t been a few minorities committing crimes on the show, but nothing that doesn’t happen in real life and certainly not a recurring theme on every episode; seriously, most of the criminals are white on this show. So are you saying that no minorities (in your mind) commit crimes in real life? Maybe you shouldn’t write about things you don’t know anything about (your words – you’ve never watched an episode of Blue Bloods in its entirety). Maybe you people bashing the show should drive around with the police and see what and who the police are dealing with (criminal activity wise) on a daily basis. Its easy to bash without knowing the facts as we have been seeing these past 7 1/2 years.

        1. If you care to take the time, Susie (and this is sincere, not snarky) I’d be very interested to see a list of crimes depicted on the show and the race of their perpetrators. Perhaps you’re right and I’m seeing a problem that isn’t really there–but my argument isn’t that it makes all the criminals minorities, it’s that the crimes in question are committed by the most stereotyped ethnicities for those crimes.

          1. I watch the show and agree with many of your points. Being quite liberal and open-minded, I like to take away the good and think about what annoys/angers me about the show. I don’t think it’s good to only look at things from my point of view; I like to try and see things from others perspectives. I do believe that the media (and it’s viewers) jumps to conclusions before getting all the facts, as happens on this show quite often.
            The one thing you didn’t mention is the overly religious aspects. When TV shows portray gay or trans people there are loads of people screaming about the gay agenda, but those same people don’t blink an eye when a show has an overtly religious (Christian) aspect.

  3. DaNeitra Loveless

    Beyond all of the other “bull” that everyone else has to say I totally agree with your views on this show and I couldn’t have described it better myself

    1. So you’re saying you don’t need facts, you’re happy to rely on the opinions of people who have never watched this show? Maybe you should watch the show with an open mind, not brainwashed by someone who doesn’t like family values, doing the right thing, and minorities being arrested if they do commit a crime. By the way, last time I checked, this country has laws and the police are there to enforce them (regardless of color). That is what is wrong with our country. Rather than people do their own homework and check out things for themselves, they are happy to rely on strangers and their biased opinions. Sad. No wonder this country is such a mess these days.

  4. The show is absolutely biased against minorities. Today it ticked me off so much that I’ve finally had to decide that enough is enough. It continuously stereotypes minorities in negative ways, and out of all the episodes I’ve watched (which is a lot), I’ve only seen them cast minorities in positive law-abiding roles two times. Furthermore, they make it seem as if there are absolutely NO Blacks, Latinos, or Asians employed with the NYPD at all! Now how stupid is that??? But anyway…

    Unfortunately, I have become so disgusted with this show and its obvious propaganda that I’m now more inclined to opt for watching black & white re-runs of Gilligan’s Island in its place. As sucky as that is, it’s just better entertainment and less of an insult to my intelligence.

  5. Replace Stereotypically with statistically and you’d be more accurate. Yes, Blue Bloods portrays NYC police in a favorable light, and I think it’s about time someone did. But, they are not shown as saints. As for your problem with their casting of criminals, check out a year end crime report and you’d see that the show protrays police procedure and perpetrators demographics very realistically. Plus, I love seeing the way they shoot the city itself. It’s an amazing place and they film it well.

    1. I am so so late to this party but the series is recently available on Netflix so it’s all new to me.
      So, there are so many good points here but I wanted to respond to one of them in particular, your comment, Grieco, about NYPD officers ‘not shown as saints’. While I may be taking this comment for a ride, as I read it I’m reminded of what pisses me off the most in this show that I mostly enjoy, that there are little if any consequences for poor choices by the officers/detectives. It makes me so so angry how awful Danny treats everyone around him, like dirt! This includes, his wife, his sister, his partner, his CO, he fumes with rage towards evergreen, not the least of which, his “perps” he pushes them around like trash off his shoe, he goes around acting like judge, jury and executioner to every person he comes in contact with, he’s a huge prick and not one person ever stands up to him. His wife tried a few times and sort of, kind of got through to him but the next “day” he’s right back to being a complete a-hole.
      And there are NEVER any consequences for him, he always gets his guy, he’s never wrong about anyone he fingers, and then they try to play it off as if he doesn’t enjoy a single ounce of privilege, he’s earned every bit of respect he gets, his vile personality never does him a disservice and despite the fact that he acts like a whiny little baby in almost every episode, it’s always portrayed that it was because he was just frustrated that he knew the truth and couldn’t get anyone else to understand! Oh waaaahh. And I think the fact that Danny draws his weapon in 9 out of 10 episodes and fires it just about as many times AS A DETECTIVE, I think that alone proves the writers level of commitment to accuracy as low to none. Not to mention the amount of times he single-handedly enters into confrontations with suspects with no backup and no….ugh, forget it, you get the picture. The guy is a one man show and the writers are hardly self-conscious about this portrayal. I think it’s weird that nobody ever comments on this, it’s the thing that frustrates and angers me the most about the show. Also, this shows characters are total archetypes, it’s written like a comic book. The Reagans have even made mortal enemies in the show that just miraculously disappear without another thought, in comic books, these people come back as very powerful anti-heroes. Nobody ever seems to notice that either but most shows don’t have such extreme characters as this one, they all have hard lines drawn around them, not much gray area.

      1. Third season and done

        Finally someone who shares my disgust! One entire episode was dedicated to Danny fighting with Linda, then being an angry jerk at Erin’s office, followed by throwing a hissy fit at his own office. Next he shoots a guy 3 or 4 times. In any other episode the guy would have died. But this time he lives because the guy was a cop. IA does the investigation and discovers all the family and coworkers are attempting to cover for Danny being angry and agitated. At one point Danny slams a suspects face into a wall and tells him its his fault that an officer may die. Oh, and then there was the working the case even though he’d had his badge taken away. So then the cop lives, and Danny gets his badge back and nothing happens to him. Danny’s idea of an apology is “it’s a good thing I’m not a better shot” Love those good wholesome Catholic family values where the Police Commissioner(Dad), Wife, Assistant DA,(Sister), and Danny, all sit around that dinner table, fight to say grace, then try to lie to the IA investigator. Meanwhile, Jaime gets in trouble for doing the right thing.

  6. Only REAL MEN enjoy this show. Something
    liberal idiots like you wouldn’t understand . So….think up more idiot stuff like which bathroom to use Sweetie!

    1. If it weren’t for the acting ability of the cast this show would be complete shit. The premise is nonsense, the writing is terrible, and the plot lines completely unbelievable. It truly is cringe worthy how bad it is. One doesn’t need to be a liberal or a conservative to understand this. They just need a brain in their head.

      1. I totally agree!! The show is garbage!! Like the actors but, damn that’s some bad writing!

    2. No. The agenda is that every criminal is black or hispanic and the master saves white society from the barbaric people that should still be slaves. This type of family values I can do without. I’m not a liberal nor a fool. What I see on the show is what I have lived. I have had a sawed off shotgun pointed at me from a police cruiser as I sat on my porch with older friends when I was 19. Why? Because our city had a curfew for everyone up to 18 and we were told “niggers get in the house before I blow you away” when the curfew was for younger people and we were on my porch and I am a girl and no criminal. The curfew stated you had to be home…not in the house. How many of you lily white over privileged people have had any experiences like that. I no longer watch Blue Bloods because the writers have made them sanctimonious, entitled, arrogant and well off while all the criminals are minorities, down and out, and happy to be down. Perhaps saying like Steppin Fetchit in slave movies…”Is we happy yet boss” while grinning like a buffoon as they are downgraded and treated like ignorant dirt. Oh and I happily voted for Trump! Don’t talk about what you don’t know. If you aren’t black, don’t be arrogant enough to believe you know what it is like to be in my skin.

  7. Apart from the racism, the show is painful to watch for the sheer stupidity of having members of the same family (sister ADA, brother detective) coincidentally and unethically involved in investigating together the same crime and then talking with father comish about it. It’s nice if boring that they all have dinner together, but when they so frequently get involved in the same investigation it’s ridiculous and not excusable even as TV license.

    1. Yes agreed. Also,besides the racial and ethnic stereotypes that are prevalent in every episode, it seems in this show police work doesn’t involve suspects who have lawyers or cops needing warrants to kick down doors, let alone having to fill out some paperwork every time they shoot somebody, which is at least once an episode. Honestly, the only thing that saves this show from being total shit is the acting, and even then its a stretch.

  8. Last episode I watched was all “bad white guys.” Especially over the top was the white bomber upset about “minorities and women taking all the jobs.” Seriously, Chris, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  9. The episode you cite had NOTHING to do with “Mexicans”. It was an Italian mobsters sons. Jesus Christ, this is why the Internet should ban someone from claiming to be a ‘journalist’ without verifying credentials.

      1. Exactly what I posted. The guy didn’t even watch the show. His whole argument is null and void.

  10. I hate cop shows. With their . Let’s rough up this guy to get the truth ,or talking and harassing people at their workplace, to find out about the crime , unfortunately alot of people know about dancing with the stats then knowing well their constitutional rights,

  11. The truth hurts. You apparently don’t get factual news. Blacks and Hispanics DO commit these types of crimes. You don’t appear to be anything more than a reporter. I am upset by the cast. Tom Selleck sons would not be short and blond. Nor ugly grandsons. Geez.

  12. Huge Tom Selleck fan though dislike cop shows. After reading this article I am now excited to watch.

  13. Chris, good article you are right on!
    You missed the fact that the show is also a commercial for the state alcohol and tobacco drug cartel, the folks who the cops really shill for (where in every show the righteous Reagans sit back and consume gallons of booze at their pretend dinner table). Also never mentioned is THE FACT that cops create more crime than they could ever hope to mitigate by enforcing opportunity denying protectionist laws that serve only the rich gangster corporate elite. Crooked laws that fill the private prison systems.

    Keep hammering!

  14. Elgomus Buht Caramp

    What is even worse than anything people complain about here is that every article almost eveywhere has to be political in some way. The new American religion is politics. Can’t watch a comedian or any other show without any political message behind it. This is an abnormal psychology on a mass scale. Joseph Goebbels would be tickled silly seeing such improvements of his work. What does this mean to me? It means the artistic value of every show and movie from Hollywood has been forfeited. It means boring. Regardless of Blue Bloods’ agenda, cops should point out that Danny is just a terrible cop. Just terrible. He is a terrible example, and following his example could get people killed. Danny is a public safety nightmare for NYPD. At the very least, he should be put on any duty that does not involve protecting living people, because Danny really sucks at that. Usually, he gets his CIs, witnesses, other cops or persons he persuades to help him, bystanders, suspects or victims killed because he is a d$#mb a$$, followed by glaring at them with that dumb look on his face. His righteousness is enough. No need for back-up. Drafting operations at a Greek Diner (the owner of which was a sort-of-friend of Commissioner Regan and also got killed as a result of sloppy police work of Danny or his daddy, or both – can’t remember which) on the back of a napkin with Diaz while complaining about things as he works. Sometimes he calls for SWAT, as he should. Sometimes he plans and coordinates a takedown of a dangerous suspect (why is he allowed to set-up impromptu operations based on his gut feeling qualifications, or does he just do it?) with just him and Diaz safely outside, while someone Danny sent in (so they could “go easy on him”) to get the suspect to confess is following Danny’s instructions (and about to get himself killed because of that). I admit that I myself was slow in school, but smart enough to know my limitations. But even I know that, slow as I was, I could do better than Danny at everything he does (police-related). So could my gardener, my Uber driver or the call center employee for my bank who lives in the Philippines and remains so cheerful after you yell at him so happy to be employed at 40 cents a day he is paid by Synchrony Bank and to be alive (at the same time). And that putz, Danny, who has a nice salary and pension has the nerve to complain while he works, while doing his job wrong all the time is the only thing he is good at?. I think the way the commissioners second and third in command speak to Commissioner Regan is both sterotypical and funny. Like the cartoon of the 2 dogs, one of which jumps around saying yeah yeah yeah Spike, you’re the boss. Spike is so smart, he is…” What should we do Spike, what should we do Spike..what should we do?. Except, unlike Spike who smacks his underling saying, “shut-apppppp”, questioning the commissioner’s judgment and then symbolically ducking for the smack, which never comes. Instead, he let them talk back to him and test his limits, like toddlers. His second and third approach the commissioner like one would approach a King which could result in a giant turkey leg and some ale for them or the chopping block, depending on the king’s mood. The NYPD is one of the greatest police departments in the world. It does not deserve to have Blue Bloods as their mascot. Danny should not be allowed to promote peanut butter, let alone the NYPD. Or maybe he should (but not Skippy), because he constipates the entire show. In tribute to Tom Selleck’s intensely long self-affirming speeches, as if bellowed from the peaks of Mount Olympus to the mortals who cannot understand the words, just that the speeches are just and right, I sadly must apologize for my insanely long reply which, I admit, that even to myself is barely coherent, rambling and not sticking to one subject (which is redundant, oh boy.., as my English lit professor would say on my papers. If one reads this message while drinking, a hidden message is revealed that can only be deciphered by Tom Hanks, and can only disclosed by Nicolas Cage, or no one will understand it anyway.

  15. Folks, are you really watching a tv show for up to date factual information? Training to be an NYPD cop by watching Blue Bloods or watching an epidode as a substitute for going to the academy? Chris, why do you take the time to dissect a tv series that you haven’t watched? The show puts on entertainment once a week for about 42 minutes. It displays people in various jobs, members of highly trained teams who care about helping people and their communitues. It focuses on a family who regularly eats Sunday dinners together because they care about each other and want to be physically present in each others lives. These tv characters are displaying people who take a stand for what they feel is right (which, yes, for creativity sake will vary from week to week). They hold dear the laws that give us necessary boundries. Yes, I agree that creative liberties are used to write a show that is yes, entertaining. A cop and a family related Ast DA would not regularly work the same cases. It is true that many criminal confessions on this show would not hold up in court or some of the information obtained by detectives could be deemed entrapment, etc. But really, this is not what would-be lawyers would watch to study to pass the bar exam. What about this tv show merely making people think about issues which face their very own communities. The show strives to have viewers feel what the police give up to protect those involved. Why should we dissect every piece of “entertainnent” as political propoganda? Geez, why can’t we just watch this show for what it is meant to be, a birds-eye view from another nest. If you want factual information on crime or crime statistics by city, race, gender, or socio-economic class, then look them up on the internet. For me, I enjoy watching the Reagan family and the issues the show brings to light.

    1. Your reply IS the problem with the show, Caro K. You miss the entire point of the critique of the show and offer up a “cant-we-all-just-get-along” alternative. The issue is not that folks who aspire to be lawyers or police officers are going to misinterpret this show as a substitute for real training or mistake it for real life, they are the only ones who really know that it’s BS., Your argument is actually very short sighted and shallow, the issue is that people who are NOT involved or personally knowledgeable about these professions in any way are being gently indoctrinated to believe that this is how the system works. Not to say that people are ignorant, but to say, people don’t have time to go fact checking each episode of a TV show. So they watch it and make assumptions to fill in the gaps where personal knowledge isn’t available. And you KNOW that most people believe these shows employ consultants to try to get the details “correct”, in fact, Blue Bloods even had an episode where Jamie and his partner were acting as consultants for a cop show being filmed in NYC. So even if people didn’t know that before Blue Bloods made sure they did, probably in the hopes that people would buy into their crap even more and think that any of how they act is real. But it’s most (very highly) likely that the consultants are there to teach them how to hold their gun and what stupid phrases to use so that they don’t look like complete idiots if real cops do try to stomach the show. (“Collars” “on the job”, etc) the consultants do not write the shows or have anything to say about how dumb Danny looks always trying to be a one man show.
      To intelligent, critical thinking people, this show may be pretty harmless, to cops and lawyers who know better it’s harmless, but to most of America (especially the demographic this show caters to 60+ but not just them) who know nothing of NYC or cops, this shit is more real than you like to admit.
      Not only that but Danny draws and shoots his weapon in almost every episode and that in and of itself is completely ridiculous. He’s a detective, first of all, they investigate AFTER a crime has been committed and yet he constantly finds himself in a shootout, in one episode frank states a static that in an entire career less than 1 or 2% (I can’t remember which) of officers will even DRAW their weapon, let alone shoot every time they do. This guy would be the biggest liability the NYPD ever saw, he’d be under a mound of paperwork at all times and under internal investigation 100% of the time. That statistic is likely referring to uniformed officers, for detectives its probably even way way lower. not only that but he himself instigates the shootings a lot of the time AND he escalates situations and puts everyone in danger, he even got his own family mixed up in the middle of crossfire. He fires his weapon into crowds of people and miraculously never hits anyone or anything that he didn’t intend to and you will NEVER see this guy face any consequences or reprimand for any of it BUT they still maintai, to the death, that he enjoys zero privileges, either because of his father or otherwise. He’s an extremely dangerous character and it’s guaranteed that of he was black he would be public enemy #1, he’d be called a thug, his rage would be seen as much much more dangerous AND it would be seen as a problem with black people and black culture in general whereas with Danny it’s not seen as a problem at all and in an episode where it is acknowledged, it’s just his personal problem.
      Anyway, the race issue is a whole other ballgame.

  16. I don’t watch it anymore. I feel the same way Chris. I like that it shows a strong white Police family but it doesn’t depict a strong black family which there are plenty. It brings to light some of the problems that’s going on now, but the show doesn’t show the cops as ever being wrong and getting in trouble for it. I realize that the cops have a (?????) job. Oh, I used ???? because i really can’t define the job with one word. Not everyone can be a cop. With that said they are letting awful ones in this highly proud order. This show is one sided. Not every person of color is a criminal and not every police office is racists. I think what Chris was trying to say that this show is not helping the situation but we all do have to realize that it is a tv show. Me being a black mother and have family that are police officers can’t watch because I know that the struggle is real to both police and to black men.

  17. Yeah it wasn’t the Mexicans the shot at Frank is was white Irish guys. How about researching an episode or maybe watching it before you make generalizations. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. It’s entertainment not real life. Grow up

  18. It was a white family that shot Tom Selleck.. they had beef with him from years ago when he was still a cop. You’re ignorant. You mean to tell me there aren’t shows on television where all of the characters are black? Or there isn’t an ENTIRE TELEVISION STATION dedicated to the black community? Because the family that this show follows happens to be white, that makes it a racist program?

  19. Hello superb website! Does running a blog like this take a massive amount work? I have very little understanding of programming but I was hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, if you have any ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share. I know this is off topic nevertheless I just wanted to ask. Thanks!

  20. Blue Bloods is done well. About racism, there is a show called blackish and I don’t hear the white community screaming about racism. Imagine if there was a a show called whitish. We Wouldn’t hear the end of it. These shows are for entertainment, they aren’t in the documentary category. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, but making ignorant statements makes you look like another book smart liberal who reports on what “they heard” not the facts. Turn off your IPad and get out in the real world to see what happens out there.

  21. Thats because most street is committed by minorities..just because you want to pretend it isnt wont change reality.

    1. You’re saying city engineers and construction workers, who lay asphalt to make streets, are minorities? Huh. I’ve never heard that, but I suppose it could be true…

  22. Whoa- you are so “off-base” with your assessment of this series. Just recently started watching it this summer and I am currently in season 6. The show is fiction and very unbelievable at times, but your take is very uninformed. There are so many crooked white cops portrayed, Tom Selleck’s father is shown as flawed for participating in a gambling ring, Selleck himself is ashamed when a book is published revealing the sins of his youth, and a recent show I watched dealt with a racist cop who loses his pension and ends up behind bars. Last night the show was about a cop who Selleck wouldn’t promote to sergeant because he had wrongly profiled a muslim.

    How can you make a judgement when you haven’t even read the “cliff notes” version ? As a teacher heading back to the classroom, I would say you did not do your research and your bias toward Tom Selleck,(who I think identifies as a conservative), is very evident. At least you got people to argue with you!

    1. He’s on base, you’re just another dumb white person that doesn’t get it, and is willing to be blind and stupid. But what else is new?

    2. So, the white characters are portrayed as heroic, but flawed, trying to do their best. The non-white characters are criminals or dishonesty and self-serving.

  23. Blue Bloods is the best show ever wriiten. It demonstrates the whole process of city government in an ethical, family, and honorable portrait. The chain of command and all its headaches makes me appreciate what our police departments must go through. Amen to all of them:)

  24. you know who’s Opinion i care about?
    The person that will sit and watch a show then give me a Honest NON biased opinion
    do you like it yes or no? and Why
    no racial Quips its a TV show who said it but be spot on to real life it is for entertainment
    Keelty you are what is wrong with this country and this Generation
    Thank god my time on this AWFUL planet are Numbered

  25. The show is ridiculous, but not for the reasons that this Lefter-than-Lenin writer is saying. (Salon? Enough said right there!) It’s ridiculous because what are the odds that all of these people in this family (the Reagan’s) can all eat dinner together every single night at the same table despite one being a street cop, one being a detective, one being the ADA, and one being the Police Commissioner? There would be major scheduling issues with that. And if it were realistic, there would be conflict of interest lawsuits all over the place with them working in concert. Plus, the show always depicts the commissioner making decisions that don’t favor his police, detective, and ADA kids. (Yeah right! Lol) And if anything, it always portrays white people as the criminals. I remember one episode where the grandpa, the ex-Police Commissioner, was robbed at gunpoint (at an ATM) by a white guy of course (in NYC? Lol) and then his grandson, a street cop, personally catches the guy in the giant metropolis of NYC. Lmao! And as a few others have already mentioned, they had an episode with a famous white supremacist radio host that was obviously modeled after Rush Limbaugh (to personally call him out) It was totally him except that for some odd reason the (Jewish) producer made him anti-Semitic which is ridiculous because Rush is actually a pro-Israel Neocon (to a fault). So, in conclusion, the show is a joke, but not for the reasons cited by this guy, but because it’s so unrealistic (about everything) and anti-Anglo. However, I still watch it once in a while for a good laugh and to keep abreast of the anti-Anglo Hollywood culture that is so rampant in it and so many other shows these days. The producer is obviously a crazed Zionist Judea-Supremacist whom the public needs to keep tabs on!

    1. In response to John D. Fiat’s post from November 15, 2017: All I can say is: “You rock.” (And I am a senior citizen.) “Blue Bloods” is, indeed, ridiculous. However, I believe that some of the reasons for its inanity are as delineated in the original post by Chris; in other words, I believe that he is right in some of his assessments. But you also are spot-on in your observations concerning just how ridiculous this show is.

      I would just like to clarify one thing for you: The Reagan family does not eat dinner together every single night at the same table. The dinner scenes are called “Sunday dinner” scenes. Various episodes have shown Danny, his wife and children eating at their own house, as well as Erin and her daughter eating at their home. Cast members are often heard asking each other what he or she is bringing to (or cooking for) the upcoming Sunday family dinner.

      By the way, if the above two paragraphs seem inconsistent (because in the first one I affirmed that the show is ridiculous, and in the second one I pointed out some details about the family dinner that only an avid viewer would know), I can explain the inconsistency: I am a slow learner! That’s all I can say. I had watched almost every episode of season 1 through season 7 before I finally realized that “Blue Bloods” is a ridiculous show. It took me far too long to figure out that all Donny Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan (as Danny Reagan and Erin Reagan respectively) do is whine. Oh no, wait — Bridget (Erin) also has lousy grammar and thinks that good acting consists of walking around with her mouth gaping open. And Tom Selleck’s stoicism and pontificating are really annoying. The best actor on the show was Amy Carlson as Danny’s wife, Linda; however, she left the show after season 7.

      Lots more I could say, but I’m old and tired. Hope my explanation about the dinner scenes was helpful.

  26. Thank you so much Chris for your comment i just finished watching the show and i am so disgusted I came online to complain. This show is racist trash.

  27. I just watched an episode where a rookie female copy was fired because she arrested a man for not showing identification and was suspected of being an illegal alien. The pedestrians screamed police brutality. It turned out he was illegal, but he had a pregnant wife, 2 kids and was down on his luck. She was fired. So I went to my computer to see if Blue Bloods was a conservative or liberal show. I guess I got my answer.

    1. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and initially lived in hoods that will make you want to soil your adult pampers just thinking about them, if you were familiar with them with their characteristics. Forget about strolling through them. I find your ‘review’ of Blue Bloods’, a special kind of ignorance, and stating that you didn’t even bother watching a full episode. Throw in a special kind of leftist lunatic liberal stupidity as well. All ‘Blue Bloods’ do is portrayed all the usual suspects of street crimes…the way it really is. By the way, I’m Hispanic and know the streets very well. The good people that live in these hoods do not need your white ignorance about how YOU think it is, as you peer from the comfort of your arm chair quarterback statements, surrounded securely by your lily-white fence, and looking over it from afar while using your myopic binoculars. To make comments about the hood you think you see, but don’t have a clue about, because you don’t stick around to view the whole picture, just like you didn’t see the entire episodes of this TV series. You don’t have to worry about these worthless black, and Hispanic thugs nearby you and your family, because you don’t have them released from prison back into your hood to continue with their mayhem. You don’t speak for the good people that live in these hoods. I have lived among the low-IQ, easily agitated, idiots, that condone criminal’s actions, because they’re either one, or they have a relative that’s a worthless thug. We appreciate our police officers that will show up and slow down these sociopathic criminal’s tendencies, by putting them in jail, or permanently putting them out of their worthless existence. Black Lives Matter when a cop shoots a thug, just because he’s black, but not among themselves when a thug shoots an innocent black victim. Look at the shootings in Chiraq (Chicago).

      1. Please do not call my beloved city Chiraq just because Spike Lee produced a one dimensional, inflammatory movie giving it that unfortunate name. He, and those who take his films as gospel, know nothing about that beautiful, complex, many layered city.

  28. I cant claim to have never gotten through a whole episode.

    I’ve watched several seasons multiple times on Netflix.

    Here is what I observe. A family that realistically portrays their faith and ethical struggles, their strong ties to each other and their profession. They are far from perfect, but end up consistently choosing morals, ethics and faith.

    ‘Bad guys’ are white, black, latino, rich poor, straight and gay. Victims are also members of these races. Police officers also come from every race imaginable. Religions… Muslim, Catholic, Judaism.

    There are white supremacists. Their beliefs are condemned.

    So… instead of passing judgement based on our own prejudices and emotions, keep an open mind and reach evidence based positions.

  29. I cant claim to have never gotten through a whole episode.

    I’ve watched several seasons multiple times on Netflix.

    Here is what I observe. A family that realistically portrays their faith and ethical struggles, their strong ties to each other and their profession. They are far from perfect, but end up consistently choosing morals, ethics and faith.

    ‘Bad guys’ are white, black, latino, rich poor, straight and gay. Victims are also members of these races. Police officers also come from every race imaginable. Religions… Muslim, Catholic, Judaism.

    There are white supremacists. Their beliefs are condemned.

    So… instead of passing judgement based on our own prejudices and emotions, keep an open mind and reach evidence based positions.

  30. The show is just CRINGE and elitist . I came here to see if i was alone in my feelings. I’ll try to be fair and say its not ab race. I e seen some episodes and there are different races who are the thugs and shooters etc…theres a few black cops or lawyers…like one middleeastern detective or something but the show still needs a lesson in diversity. Some of the actors are just horrible and im not sure how they lasted 10 seasons on the show good lord! The family dinners make me vomit—its a blue cheese type of CHEESY (see what i did there) 🤮🤮🤮 There needs to be some dark and twisty parts of their characters bc we ALL have that side and it would make them more relatable however these characters like to be goody two shoes 24/7, elitist and unrelatable. They probably sit their kids down, look em in the eye and tell them “you are a Reagan. You are above the rest. You are a REGEAN.” Thats the vibe they give me. We also dont see much into their personal lives so i cant exactly give af ab their significant others its more like….”WHO are you?” and it would be more interesting if the show focused more in politics like what REALLY goes on in courts, communities, etc instead of good coo bad cop overused garbage. Did i also mention how much i hate the family dinners? FAKE!!!

  31. Although I like Hawaii Five-0, I think that it’s more than high time that CBS stop, showing all of these crime shows and put on other kinds of programming, much like how it conducted this purge in the late ’60’s/early ’70’s of all the rural comedies it was airing, which caused it to get the name ‘Country Broadcasting System’ as a joke (today it would be nicknamed the ‘Crime Broadcasting System/’Cop Broadcasting System’.) Even better is for CBS to consider showing reruns of the shows on CBS All Access on Saturday nights.

  32. Cause most drive-bys are done by Amish rolling on 42s. I mean come on, stereotypes exist for a reason. Either that or the NBA and NFL hate whites and have no legitimate reason whites and non-Guam Asians are underrepresented.

    I live near Jackson, Mississippi and guess who is always shooting up the gas stations?! and doing the car jacking? Should we get more whites into this crime so blacks can feel better about it. Even the producer of COPS said they feature boring segments with drunk, shirtless white guys to balance out the violent black crime that hurts his feelings.

    Watch Law and Order SVU. ICE-T is one of the actors that rapped about killing cops and he was a drug dealer. How Stereotypical of him. He often goes on with this persona to this day. Some how that’s not a bad thing? Where’s the protesters? Instead Conservative America watches that garbage.

    Mostly white criminals on SVU and homeless with a heart of gold. Talk about a stupid show. They’ll say a crime happen on 42nd street and someone says ask Teddy the homeless guy at the fifth light post next to Union Bank. Sure enough he’s right there where it would said he’d be. That’s the problem with that show. It’s always way too convenient. Rarely do they say you just missed them and such characters are way too polite. At least on the ones I saw. Characters are also so pained with paralyzing empathy there is no way they’d be able to do the job.

    Blood Bloods is garbage just not for the reasons mentioned. Maybe you could balance out your race/crime problem that is reality with some dumb TV dads on any of hundreds of shows. Always some how manage to provide for an ungrateful family despite being too stupid to open a door. Duh! Almost always a white guy but now they are making more dumb black dads too.

  33. Haha! This article is garbage. Of course you have to politicize and racialize a T.V. shows. That’s the liberal way.

    1. More like what you believe is garbage, as is this show.

      With all of the recent controvers(ies) about the police here in North America this year (2020), as I said awhile back it’s time to end most of these cop sows on all networks, but in particular CBS, which has just become the Cop Broadcasting System much as it was known as the Country Broadcasting System back in the mid-to-late ’60’s, and which made Bill Paley and others realize it was time for a change, that lead to this event happening.

  34. your full of yourself. as you said you never seen a episode beginning to end so how can you take qhat you thought you seen to and article? 1st and foremost it was outside a restaurant and at end he wasnt target! also they have numerous white criminals on show. and if you actually watched that whole episode. you would know that an Italian (white American) was one who ordered hit. not on tom selleck but guy who he was with. watch show before you run mouth!!!! and while myself have issues with show. like they are never wrong especially tom sellecks character. like a modern day little house on the prairie. the show is not racial. its just overly biased to police. watch a few shows beginning to end b4 you run your mouth. and b4 you make an assumption my woman is of ebony complectiom with a hispanic decent. and my son is exceptionally half of his beautiful mother. so no!!! i have no racial motive whatsoever

  35. Yes yes yes, Blue Blood is a racist show. After the 3rd season when I saw there were no minorities added to the show inner circle I quit watching Blue Blood for good. Now the show has been on for 10 seasons and still no minorities in inner circle. I believes main characters had a lot to do w/ the hiring of minorities on the show

  36. For a long time, I enjoyed Blue Bloods. Unfortuntely, it is stale and predictable. Killing off Linda and giving Jenko a more prominent role did little for me. Danny makes the same pissed off face when things don’t go his way and Erin’s self-righteous approach to all issues, is uninteresting. The same goes for the family bickering at dinner. There needs to be more interesting plots. Frankly, for me, a former New Yorker, it runs a distant second to Chicago, PD.

  37. So you’re upset that Blue Bloods shows criminal races in proportion to the percentage of crimes they actually commit? You can call it stereotypes if you want. But stereotypes exist because they are so often true. The real problem here is your inability to accept the fact that minorities commit a disproportionate amount of the violent crimes.

    1. If you look at the facts along with that, Whites and Asians are at the bottom of the list for reporting crimes and blacks are the highest. Wouldn’t this fact skew your data? I a, not stating stereotypes do exist and the left loves to use them against all races for bad and good. My point is if you actually watch the show, you will see the stereotype the initial author remarked on that the show always shows blacks and Hispanics as the criminals is totally false.

      What has my inability have to do with making false statements about a great show that is actually popular enough to be running another season? There are many episodes where whites are the criminals finally charged. But who cares if it isn’t PC with every other stupid requirement the left has but don’t live by themselves? Joe Biden and Hillary should be in prison for the wrong they have done, but it is overlooked and the right is blamed for every dirty deed the left is actually doing and the media covers it up for political retribution. It is not a fair and equitable environment we have if you want to be fair about everything!

  38. I find it extremely ironic that the Black Live Matter people want us to believe that the only police-related problems that matter involve black people and people of color but not anyone else. But a TV series comes along that focuses on exactly that topic, and the claim goes out that they’re focusing too much on the same subject. Make up your minds!

    I’m not crazy about Blue Bloods. In fact, I usually avoid watching it when my wife has it on. But that doesn’t excuse the hypocrisy of the Left regarding the issues raised on the show.

    I think what the Left really wants is a one-way conversation that only tells the “correct” story, as determined by the Left.

    1. Excellent and well-stated! I agree 100% except I think Blue Bloods is a great show! I am just a simple guy who appreciates law and order and enforcing laws that are on the books and not giving criminals a pass when they are wrong. Second chances, yes, when they serve the sentence for their crime, but no passes for votes and illegals need to follow the proper process to make them legal!

  39. You are making judgements on one episode that you did not watch start to finish. I watch the show regularly and find that the criminals are different races as are the heroes.

  40. All it is, is a stupid show that is on once a week for 40 minutes without commercials. It is not meant to be taking seriously. It just entertainment. It’s not literal. I watch the show because it is an awesome show. I don’t take the show serious. I watch it for the fun of it just like I watched Criminal Minds for 15 years, Chicago Fire, PD, and Med. Like many other shows I have watched over the years. I don’t analyze the shows, mostly because what is the fun of that. I haven’t missed an episode for 10 years. I don’t see who the criminals are or who t good guys are, I watch it because it is a good show. Again don’t take it so literal or serious. Just watch the show for the fun of it.

    1. You say it’s not meant to be taken seriously, that does not mean it isn’t. Considering the demographic of it’s viewers, old white people, it reinforces the beliefs that most brown people are criminals and most white people are good (cops).

  41. So, the white characters are portrayed as heroic, but flawed, trying to do their best. The non-white characters are criminals or dishonesty and self-serving.

  42. For those of you who hate this serious….different strokes for different folks. You like what you like. That said…as someone who writes plays and screenplays, I am very picky. This is a well written series. That’s why it’s been on this long. That’s why there are cable stations that run it every week for entire days/12 hours straight. That’s why people binge-watch it…repeatedly. That’s why it has a cult-like following. With all the truly worthless “entertainment” out there…you choose this series to stage a rant??? It boggles the mind.

    1. Popularity and longevity are not synonyms for quality. There are many re known series that only lasted a season and many that have lasted longer than the Civil War. People find comfort in shows that don’t make them think, support their world view, and don’t challenge them. A show where the white protagonists are righteous, traditional,and keep us safe from the anarchy of the streets. The thin BLUE line that keeps them from the BROWN multitude. Let’s Binge!

      You got the cult part right.

  43. I was, and still am a big fan of ‘Blue Bloods.’ . . . I disagree with the animus in the writer’s critique of the series. It appears, from his article that he came in to this dialectic with the proverbial “chip on his shoulder” when it comes to police, in general. . . . This writer has perpetuated stereotypes about cops, law & order, and American society, himself. . . . Don’t take this the wrong way, and I think I can speak to this without fear of being called a “racist” – I’m Puerto Rican who’s part Black … I think that those who complain about minorities, Blacks specifically, being stereotyped, he should express his ire towards the Black community, itself. The fault lies in the fact, according to the Dept. of Justice’s National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the D.O.J., that all though Blacks make up only 13% of the general population of America, (40 million out of 330 million) Blacks commit 50% of the murders in America. . . . . As a person of color, I think that is a disgrace, and a shame on the Black community for not cleaning up their own act. . . . It’s well documented that Blacks from the African continent who come to America to become legal immigrants, later to become naturalized American citizens are the most successful immigrant group in America, behind Asians. Much more successful than Blacks who were born and raised in America.

  44. Hmm. The supporters of this show have suddenly grown quiet. Is 5 people dead at the Capitol building by people waving “Blue Lives Matter” flags finally enough for you to see this show’s negative impact? No? Okay, keep on believing this show is simply a fun pundit of “family values” that isn’t aware of what it’s doing. Other shows have shown they can and will adapt. This one has held fast to its formula. A few token characters aren’t enough to make this show “woke.” The show needs to end, and everyone involved needs to think long and hard about why this show was so popular for so long.

  45. Hmm. The supporters of this show have suddenly grown quiet. Is 5 people dead at the Capitol building by people waving “Blue Lives Matter” flags finally enough for you to see this show’s negative impact? No? Okay, keep on believing this show is simply a fun pundit of “family values” that isn’t aware of what it’s doing. Other shows have shown they can and will adapt. This one has held fast to its formula. A few token characters aren’t enough to make this show “woke.” The show needs to end, and everyone involved needs to think long and hard about why this show was so popular for so long.

  46. I really like this show. It is entertainment. Many other forms of it are much more offensive (using standards expressed here) such as any number of stand up comics I can think of. Some comments call for the show to end, one said it went out of its way to fault white people. I find them both absurd because they are extreme. Take some of this outrage and energy to effect real change. This is not 1940 where the only minorities on TV and in movies are black maids and field hands. 50 years ago there was Julia, a black nurse on tv. 50 years is more than half a lifetime. There have been dozens if not hundreds of black and minorities on media since then. The world will never be 100% fair and accurate but we have made much progress.

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