US Draft Lottery, 1960s Essays

If you love a veteran, get a vaccine.

It’s Veterans Day, and I am thinking about all the Americans who have served their country, risking or giving their lives to serve the interests of our nation. I’m thinking …

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Protesters against school integration from the 1950s Politics

The new (old) fight over Critical Race Theory

In the wake of 2021’s very bad Election Day for Democrats, much talk has rightly focused on education as a wedge issue. In Virginia, particularly, schools and education were a …

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On Queer Haircuts, Gatekeeping, and the Value of Identity

For every queer person, coming out is a defining experience, not unlike a volcanic eruption. It is preceded by a slow build of pressure as we come to terms with …

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Culture Warlords by Talia Lavin - Book Cover Blather

I didn’t watch either of the dueling town halls.

My ballot is already in the mail, and we all know Joe Biden is going to win New York anyway. At least I got to vote for AOC for the …

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On Free College for Billionaires

Pete Buttigieg has a talking point he returns to often, in explaining his opposition to proposals that college should be free: He thinks millionaires and billionaires, who can afford tuition, …

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What My Partner’s Abortion Taught Me: Men Benefit from Choice, Too

“Her choice meant I could continue pursuing the personal and professional life I wanted … and that I wouldn’t lose my partner to a botched back-alley abortion, or to a long prison sentence.”

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