Seventh Seal Trump Cartoon by Christopher Keelty

Game Over

I spent pretty much the whole weekend drawing two cartoons, both inspired by literary references so obscure most people won’t get them. I like this one, though. Apologies to Ingmar Bergman.

PPE Ticket | Comic by Christopher Keelty

PPE Ticket

Yes, Walt Disney World in Orlando opened to the public again this past weekend–the same weekend the state of Florida announced a record 15,300 new cases of Covid-19 in a single day. Who is going to Disney World in the midst of a raging pandemic? You can call it stupid, you might even call it …

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Serf and TERF - Comic by Christopher Keelty

Serf and TERF

If you don’t get it, here’s a good place to start. I would consider myself a free speech absolutist, but I rarely use that term because most “free speech absolutists” don’t actually care about free speech — what they want is to stop hearing criticism from others for the things they say, which is the opposite …

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All Lives Matter - Comic by Christopher Keelty

All Drives Matter

In less than two months, at least 68 people have driven into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters. Summer Taylor was killed in one of the most recent events, in Seattle, but that was by no means an isolated incident. Just hours after her death, a Seattle cop posted a Facebook meme, “All Lives Splatter,” that’s been …

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